Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center
Eat healthy
Atul Bhalerao
Help and Earn Respect
Lady Bunny
Hi to all my baby bunnies!
Kelly M Bray
Vaccinate and protect our children!
Alice Wasney
Remember what your mother told you. Always wash your hands.
Tara Haelle with D
My son is fully immunized and up to date!

What IS
Orange Nose Day?

Orange Nose Day is an annual event where health educators like you get to share your messages along with a dose of surprise. When we wear a virtual or real orange foam clown nose, patients and the public smile, receptive to what we have to say. Join the fun! Find out what a little levity will do for the listening skills of your audience.

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Cool Stuff to

We have oodles of Orange Nose Day posters, stickers, and other fun stuff for you to download and print, free of charge! You can even fill in the blanks on some stickers, to personalize your health messages. If you have coloring pages in digital format, or any other materials that you’d be willing to share, send them in and we’ll post them here.

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Social Media – It’s a Group Thing

Join the Orange Nose Day collaborative online. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (send us your videos!) are all ways to spread the orange around the ‘net. Share ideas and challenges by helping one another through networking and partnership. Working together, we can raise some noise about health while we raise our organizations’ profiles.

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