The What

Orange Nose Day, October 5, is an annual, daylong celebration of the top five steps to good health. Healthcare professionals, public health educators, nonprofit staff, first responders, and others participate by wearing an orange foam clown nose, sharing the five steps of disease prevention through various activities, and disseminating educational tips to everyone they encounter throughout the day. 

The Orange Nose Day messages are:

  • Wash hands
  • Get immunized
  • Eat colorful foods
  • Exercise
  • Avoid body fluids


The How

Your organization may wish to focus on one or two ways to prevent infections, or you may wish to focus on all five, but change the wording a bit, or you may have other disease prevention messages that you prefer to highlight.  That’s OK!

This day is a day to focus on disease prevention, and you are free to use the materials and messages on this site as they are presented or as adapted by you, or create your own and upload your ideas and materials to share with others, as you wish.

On this site, you’ll find educational support and program materials for stakeholders to access and adapt free of charge.


The Why

At times, disease prevention advocates must focus on a single message with a clear directive, such as: Get vaccinated against H1N1 or Wash your hands to prevent transmitting hepatitis A.
Circumstances generally dictate the nature and content of the prevention message or messages. Yet all health educators know that preventing the majority of infections requires numerous methods of disease prevention.
Heath educators need a simple, multi-message campaign for their arsenal of prevention communications to improve the overall health of the public. Orange Nose Day, a celebration of the top five steps to good health, does just that.

Why an orange nose?

  • It’s fun! In a world of serious public health messages, the orange nose is a fun way to attract questions from the public and your patients, and information shared about these health messages is instantly more embraceable.
  • It’s surprising! Wearing an orange nose or adding an orange nose to our social media profile pictures (avatars) will get attention, generate questions, and make the health message easier to remember.
  • It signifies health! Orange is a color associated with health. It reminds us of the healthy orange fruit and other orange foods that add needed nutrients to our diets and boost our health.

This educational program raises awareness of multiple disease prevention methods among all age groups. Anyone can wear an orange nose and spread the messages, but we expect physicians and nurses as well as other health educators to be the primary wearers of the noses on Orange Nose Day.

The Orange Nose Day program will raise the needle on the meter of infection control knowledge. Through education, we can positively affect the health of individuals and slow the spread of infection.