Here are a few activity ideas for Orange Nose Day. If you have ideas for activities, email them to us and we’ll share them here.

If you have pictures or stories of events you’ve held, please send them to us and we’ll share the fun on this website!

“Orange You Glad You’re Healthy” party for your office or classroom with healthy snacks and orange decorations and party games that highlight the five steps to staying healthy.

Healthy Bake Sale – Local health departments and organizations can hold a fundraiser by selling healthy snacks including colorful foods and nutritious baked items. (We have posters you can download!)

Orange You Glad You’re Healthy! Walk & Health Fair – Organize a sunrise walk or run for health on Orange Nose Day. At the end of the event, organizers can hold a health fair highlighting all five of the Orange Nose Day’s tenets of handwashing, immunization, a healthy diet, exercise, and avoiding body fluids. Or, use other health messages you want to highlight on Orange Nose Day.

Orange Nose Day Family Fun – invite your kid’s school, your patients, or even the town to a potluck picnic with gunny sack races, an egg toss, a three-legged race, a water balloon toss, volleyball, tug-o-war, scavenger hunt and maybe even a dance. Use our downloads to decorate the area and as give-aways.

Set up a table in your lobby or waiting room with free oranges, Orange Nose Day stickers and other give-aways. Wear an orange foam nose (call us, we have some) and take the opportunity to share your health messages all day.

Shared Ideas:

Jill Larson created a lesson plan for her 4th grade class!