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What is Orange Nose Day?

Orange Nose Day is one day a year when you surprise your patients or others with whom you share health messages by wearing an orange foam nose while you share tips on how to stay healthy.


Why an orange nose?

It’s fun. It’s memorable. People aren’t expecting it and the pleasant surprise will make them receptive to hearing and remembering your health messages.


When is Orange Nose Day?

October 5th


How do I participate?

You can participate in the virtual or real world. Upload your picture and put an orange nose on it, then post it on your social media sites. Talk about Orange Nose Day and the five steps to good health (wash hands, immunize, exercise, eat colorful foods, and avoid body fluids) or choose your own health messages to share.

Choose one of our activities or make up one of your own and make October 5th the day you and your patients or public connect as individuals. They will love it!


How do I share my video/activity/photos/ideas?

Email us and we’ll get them uploaded for you! And thank you for sharing.