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Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center
Eat healthy
Atul Bhalerao
Help and Earn Respect
Lady Bunny
Hi to all my baby bunnies!
Kelly M Bray
Vaccinate and protect our children!
Alice Wasney
Remember what your mother told you. Always wash your hands.
Tara Haelle with D
My son is fully immunized and up to date!
Vaccinate your kids!
The Pwd
I'm wearing my nose in Wales.
Tara Haelle
Yay for flu shots! Have you gotten yours?
Orange Nose Day
Leanne Gelish and Alli Feigen
Here at The New England Carousel Museum we are supporting Orange Nose Day!
Vaccinate for yourself and for others.
Get your flu shot every year!
Robin Byrne
Vaccination is important for individual and public health!
Anne Blake
Got my flu shot!
Allison Hagood
Vaccines are safe and save lives!
Melody and Allison
My mommy was vax'd when she was pregnant with me to protect us both!
Anne Blake
Boosters for Grownups!
Erica Lemon
Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
Mitzi Hoffner
I got my rabies vaccination too!
Karen Yates
Wash your hands while singing the Happy Birthday Song
A. Scamperpants
Yep, I've had all my shots. How about you?
Alet Rheeder
Don't hesitate, vaccinate!
Nurses Who Vaccinate!
Vaccinated nurses protect not only themselves but their patients and family too!
Elliot from Oklahoma County Immunization Coalition
Immunizations are safe and effective!
Leith Greenslade
5 simple actions that must become part of the DNA of our daily lives.
We drink freshly squeezed O.J. every day at our house. I'm Chief Squeezer!
I didn't even cry when I got my flu vaccine. Mom says vaccines are 'liquid gold'
Wash your hands a lot even if you don't feel like it. Mom says you won't get OCD
Kathy Sebert-Tulsa, OK
Tulsa Health Dept.'s Goodwin H.C. IZ Clinic had a great OND! Thanks, PKids!
Mark Rouleau RN
Clara T. O'Connell School, Bristol , CT. enjoyed Orange Nose Day!
Dr Varsha
Brush your teeth while you listen to a two minute song from beginning to end!
Rapha Joy
Everyone needs to be vaccinated throughout their lifetime, even us furry ones.
Dr. Gwenn
If you want your kids to use technology less, use it less yourself!
Have your child's safety seat checked in all cars where it will be used!
Dr. Vic Strasburger
Turn off the TV/Computer/iPad and take the dog for a walk!
Vaccinate,wash hands ,eat well and go for a walk some time to stay healthy :)
Karen Gregory, RN
Work with healthcare workers reminding them of the value of proper hand hygiene!
Vaccinations SAVE LIVES!
I prevent disease by vaccinating my children.
Polish your palms!
Erin Suelmann-Noonan
I got a Tdap vaccine to protect myself and all the little ones around me.
Kristin Smith
Exercise, immunize, eat right and wash your hands!
Puppies need vaccines too!
Yadira Ponce
Make half your plate fruits and veggies!
Regina Smith
Vaccinate before its too late
Lasonia Stewart
Keep germs at bay. Wash right. Wash often
Regina Hall
Keep your loved ones safe-vaccinate!
Janis Willis
Live a healthy active life EVERYDAY!
David Bass
Take a proactive approach to health! Better safe than sorry.
Manuela Perez
Protect yourself and your family. Get your Flu shot Now!
Kelly Craine
Don't spread your germs. Stay at home if you are sick.
Kacie Hendrix
Adults need vaccines too!
Patricia Wright
Cover your Cough, Please
David Parrott
Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated, especially in the winter months!
Hammad Akram
Don't Rinse and Run. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds!
My children and I are up-to-date with vaccines and boosters so we stay healthy!
Keep your fur babies healthy. Vaccinate your pets
Autism Science Foundation
Learn the signs. Act early. Know the warning signs of autism & disabilities.
Herman Crawford
Prevent disease with colorful foods! I love to snack on red bell peppers!
Brian Crawford
I'm preventing disease by exercising!
Please protect me. Get your flu shots, PLEASE...
Margo Shanks
Taste the rainbow. Eat more colorful foods.
Sandy Grimm
If you have to cough or sneeze, use your SLEEVE. Get Vaxed, save a life.
Rebecca Grubb, Tulsa Health Dept
Two, Four, Six. 2,4,6 (mos) Protect ur lil chicks! Immunizations save lives.
Zoe Warner
My mom got her flu shot to keep herself and our family healthy! So should you!
Dr. Frank North, RPh, CPhT
One shot keeps from feeling bad and BLU: the FLU SHOT. Get it while its HOT!
Dr. Melanie Mouzoon
Be a Flu Fighter - protect your patients, your family, and yourself!
Anna C Dragsbaek
Get the flu vaccine! Do it for yourself and do it for your family.
Wash your hands with soap and warm water while you sing Happy Birthday twice!
Wash your hands!
Help keep me safe and healthy, don't share your germs. Wash your hands!