We’ve rocketed across the Internet and found facts and stats, posters, pods, videos and studies that you can use in your educational work.

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CDC’s Handwashing Page – Full of facts and stats and educational materials! explains why handwashing is important, and they have health lesson plans for teachers offers posters and how-to signs

Observational Study: Hand Washing Among Public Restroom Users at the Minnesota State Fair

Improving Hand-Washing Performance – A Crossover Study of Hand-Washing in the Orthopaedic Department

ASM Study on Handwashing Habits in U.S. as of 2010

NPR Show on Handwashing Cleansing the Mind

Handwashing Background

Behavioral Study of Handwashing with Soap in Peri-urban and Rural Areas of Peru

CMAJ Report – Hand Sanitizers May Increase Norovirus Risk

WebMD: Disgusting Reasons to Wash Your Hands

Jerusalem Handwashing Study

Survey of Handwashing Behavior

Handwashing Cartoon for Adults

Handwashing Video – Sgt Soap and the Handwasher’s Brigade

Handwashing Poster

Infectious Disease Workshop – Educational Materials



Why Immunize? CDC Answers

What Happens If We Stopped Vaccinations? CDC Explains

Vaccine Benefits: NIAID

CHOP’s Vaccine Education Center Materials

Vaccine Education Center: Learning Modules

Vaccine Studies: Examine the Evidence/AAP

Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella Study

ECBT Coloring Book – English

ECBT Coloring Book – Spanish

Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality/IOM


Eat colorful foods

What Color is Your Food?

Eating Colorful Foods has Health Benefits

Dietitian Shares Benefits of Eating Colorful Foods

Healthy, Colorful Foods May Promote Vascular Wellness

Fruits and Veggies Matter

Can Eating Fruits and Vegetables Help People to Manage Their Weight?

Fruit and Vegetable Benefits

Improve Your Health While Enjoying the Season’s Colorful Produce

Mayo Clinic: Healthy Recipes

Cooking Light

Food Network: Healthy Eating

CDC: Healthy Recipes

CDC: Nutrition



CDC: Physical Activity!

WebMD: Stretching Exercises at Your Desk

OrthoInfo: Safe Exercise

WebMD: Fitness 101 Beginner Exercise Routine


Avoid Body Fluids

Wisconsin DHS: Infection Control Principles and Practices for Local Public Health Agencies

WHO: Standard Precautions in Health Care

CDC: 2007 Guideline for Isolation Precautions: Preventing Transmission of Infectious Agents in Healthcare Settings

PKIDs: Infection Protection/Standard Precautions

Infectious Disease Workshop

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